Emotional Compatibility ZodiacEmotional Compatibility

While Taurus moves ahead in life with slow and steady pace, Gemini is infamous to lose solidity. While Taurus stays calm with great peace of mind, Gemini individuals are restless in nature. These opposite temperaments leave these two natives amidst a gamut of emotions. Both these signs need to learn to a lot from each other like compromise and consistency. This will keep all their emotional tangles away.

A Taurus gets easily impressed by immense self-confidence and never-ending energy of a Gemini. But the natal charts suggest that the emotional compatibility of Taurus and Gemini is not for longer duration. The vivacious nature of Gemini gets curbed by his possessiveness. There can be excellent compatibility between two provided they manage to reconcile their differences. Both signs need to establish lot of understanding to sustain the emotional bonding between them.