Zodiac___Gemini_by_strawberryginaBeing an ebullient boy he likes making jolly friends. He feels life is fun. Merely is he serious about anything otherwise most of the time he spends for flourishing amusing atmosphere. He lives his life lively. A Gemini man is calm, cool and very optimistic creature. He will hardly mind your bitter words. Hostile situations he ignores. He will react politely even on your harsh words because of his optimistic nature. He believes in idealism. He is a little bit more philosophical too.

Love is not long for him. Although he can be dedicated in relationship if you’re really giving him credit. But still it is unsure for him to get in relations for a long time period. Though being in relationship with you he may think for other ladies. But one thing you’ll never miss in your life is ‘Romance’. Charisma of a Gemini man is so high that you can never ignore his mesmerizing aroma. But a nature called ‘flirt’ is often alive among Gemini men. They often like playing with girl’s emotions. However he knows very well the real meaning of relationship. If you’re in relationship you need to put more approach to sustain the relations. May be you will have to become monotonous or it can go ‘One side love’. Don’t worry! He is not at all a cheater or will deceive you. But yes to continue your relationship you need to bring excitements in change of time. These things you can do by changing your dress ups, your hair styles and other changes that can enhance your beauty as well as can bring new look. The best compatible woman for his is Aries, Leo, Libra, or Aquarius. To be with him you need to have one finest quality and it is cheeriness. True! If you’re jovial and take all matter lightly you’re the perfect match for him.

You can generally notice impatience in him. He can’t bear waiting of time. Whatever things he wants he wants to get that instantly. You can’t expect him to be the same as you saw him the first time. But if you truly love him you’ll certainly accept his nature at all cost.