Emotional Compatibility ZodiacEmotional Compatibility

It is easy for this pair to form emotional pairing even if they remain apart for some time during their relationship. Capricorn is careful and cautious towards his/her emotions Scorpio is often pensive in mood. This emotional compatibility, when given time, will grow to form a deep and loving relationship. But being slow and steady is a good thing for emotional bonding because when they do come together their feelings are sincere, deep and long-lasting. Friendship and loyalty will always exist between these two natives. These honest and true traits will help make this compatibility long and strong. Scorpio wants a strong emotional commitment and if Capricorn spends too much time on their emotional compatibility and fails to look deeply into situations, Scorpio may become frustrated. The passionate and iron-hot emotions of Scorpio can be unpleasant to Capricorn. What is required is for both the natives to understand the thoughts and behaviors of their partner and make adjustments where necessary.

Scorpio is very good at acting haughty and sometimes his/her sharp comments can hurt. But if these two natives get things right, their shared passion and determination can produce a loving and long-lasting union. Professional Compatibility Work relationships in this combination are successful on lower percentage if they are together working for a bigger assignment or project. They go on comparatively well if they are working together yet independently for some freelance or entrepreneurial work assignment. Both the natives do best when they take things as they come. Capricorn is more concerned with financial aspect of any work assignment. When their talents get combined they can create a partnership that will bring tremendous material wealth, power and profitability. But both, Scorpio and Capricorn, need balance to work and play together, because some minor power conflicts will be inevitable when they will be in a professional partnership. Both the natives are industrious, hardworking and determined, and both are positively committed to achieve their goals. Capricorn is not necessarily motivated by the same desires, though. He/she wants the promise of good monetary returns than any emotional reason. Both also love to derive power and success out of their professional dealings.