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The emotional compatibility of Leo & Capricorn does not hold many promises. A Strange encounter can through both these natives off balance for a while till they understand the importance of nature of their connections. It’s practically over before it starts, because of the huge differences basic temperaments of Leo and Capricorns. Leo’s requires a partner who can put herself/himself aside and spend most of the time worshipping him/her. This match is not a recipe for emotions or innate feelings. Capricorn and a Leo both approach the world as a giant opportunity ready to be seized.

The relationship between Leo & Capricorn is pretty much expected to fallout before it gets going. While Leo is outgoing and attack life with energy, Capricorn is reserved and cold and not interested in being social. Together, they’ll never be bored, and will frequently inspire each other to reach higher emotional levels. They just out to be careful not to let jealousy, possessiveness or isolation become negative factors of their emotional compatibility. Leo also has pretty firm ideas about how people should live their lives, and he/she will be disapproving of Capricorn’s self-indulgent side.