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The romantic compatibility of Cancer and Capricorn will be not very lucrative as Capricorn will not be able to pay much attention to the Cancer partner and meet his/her wishes. The Capricorn will be occupied with other interests apart from love and romance. Although Capricorn is a faithful sign who will be devoted with Cancer. But life is likely to get a little boring at times. The physical attraction between the two is going to be strong with perfect lovemaking. But Cancer might feel bored with the never ending practicality and restraint of the Capricorn. If such emotions persist between them then connection is going to be unstable and draw undesirable feelings.

This combination of Cancer and Capricorn will not lead to any kind of long-lasting love. There will be no dearth of physical attraction between them but Capricorn will keep all his/her emotions inside. Cancer might get perturbed with this attitude of Capricorn who looks at everything with a cold and practical way. Cancer will approach his/her romantic world with emotions and feelings. But Capricorn will sit back and composedly judge the world. Cancer will fail to understand that why Capricorn is not reciprocating the romantic feelings as per his/her standards. Well the difference lies in their basic temperament.