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The emotional compatibility of Aries and Scorpio is going to be least-promising. This is going to be indeed a tough emotional arrangement. From the exterior, this combination might appear to be the most unpleasant match. The ruling planets of Aries and Scorpio are Mars and Saturn respectively. They being diametrically opposite might make the two signs feel suffocated and stifled at times. An Aries–Capricorn combination will pull the emotional pedals tight, and render a stifling feeling, at times, in the mind of both the signs. On the contrary, dynamic and enthusiastic energy of Aries will make conservative Capricorn feel oblivious. As they prefer a slower and calculated tempo in their lives.

Capricorn might act as a cooling splash over blazing emotions of Aries. So just watch out. The common between Aries and Capricorn is that both have a comparable emotional intensity. Both the signs love to be with their family, friends and children. Their emotions for each other make it special for them. But still, their different nature may cause plenty of emotional ups and downs.