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Pisces is a dreamer and Capricorn a planner. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if Capricorn could plan Capricorn’s dreams? So this pair is an opposite pair but in many situations, opposites attract. They have some excellent good points such as honesty and kindness. It is not unusual for this pair to develop their romance slowly and in fact they may have fallen for each other without knowing their romance has begun. There can be areas of difficulty particularly if Capricorn tends to get a little pushy in their effort to push things through according to a well thought-out plan.

Pisces is often a sensitive soul and needs to understand that Capricorn, if aggressive, is being true to form and not making a personal attack on their partner. Capricorn loves a neat and tidy home and Pisces enjoys indulging their partner by allowing them much of their heart’s desire. Their union is made so much more secure because they share a love for a comfortable home life. The main plus for this pair is that both get great satisfaction from providing their partner with a happy lifestyle. Each is keen to help the other achieve their dreams and because both have gentle temperaments, they make for a balanced and mutually satisfying partnership.