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In career matches, two Capricorns must be careful not to work themselves to death. Few checks on output will exist here, and in the process of clawing its way to the top, the combination can run out of energy unless it pursues its goals patiently. Also, powerful animosities can be engendered in those who are rudely pushed out of the way or simply crushed underfoot. Thus these two may have to remind themselves not to sacrifice their humanity to a relentless march toward success.

What makes the Capricorn couple so good is their dedication to share responsibility. They will not shirk an issue and put in an enormous amount of effort in order to make their union a long and happy one. Because Capricorns are both so driven in work and want so much to achieve their ambitions, they could both have very busy schedules that don’t leave much time for each other. Capricorns are more interested in having a stable and supportive relationship—a partner who is there for Capricorn when the other needs them, and who can support when needed.