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Two Aries can never meet and fall in love quietly. It will always accompany explosion and outburst of emotions and passion. Both are passionate about sweeping each other with great and novel love methods. The kundli milap of Aries-Aries sweethearts implies great mutual attraction that is of physical nature and intensely sexual. Very often this wild intensity is often short lived and burns out very quickly.

Arians couples express their love-feeling as well as hate-feelings with equal ease. Both the partners equally adamant over their attitudes might face the situation where one has to and has to change the situation, or the self, to avoid flying anger and criticism that is the trademark of an Arian-Arian relationship. Both of them are prone to impetuous behavior and can be very self-centered. Their trait can get carried over into their sex life. They also often have trouble sticking to one partner and if there are too many arguments or criticisms they can grow apart in their marriage. The notorious pride of Aries-Aries couple will often lead to their separation and their passion will get replaced by the frosty aversion and scorn.