Emotional Compatibility ZodiacEmotional Compatibility

Due to deep-rooted opinions and stubborn nature, the two Aries together symbolize the force of life and the power of ‘I’. ‘Me, my and myself’ constitute the most frequently used phrases in the expressions of Aries. Consequently, the compatibility between two Aries people could lead to fiery and zesty emotions. If they will agree, it will be great chemistry and if not then there is going to brew of troubles.

The positioning of malefic planets of Mercury, Rahu and Ketu makes the compatibility of Aries-Aries combination behave with stubbornness and get driven by egoistic nature. They often lock their horns for unavoidable struggle for supremacy. If this can be avoided, the two can have a wonderful relation that can be vigorous, inspired as well as inventive. The emotional compatibility of a relationship between two Aries individuals depends on how well they accept and respect each other’s freedom. They need to forgo excessive emphasis on emotional individualism and learn to admire each other’s esteem.