Romantic Compatibility ZodiacRomantic Compatibility

Scorpio is intensely emotional and naturally passionate whereas Aquarius likes to feel free to share interests with many people. If Scorpio dominates in romance there can be a clash and the rift. This will irritate Aquarius and may cause love-tiff quite often. Scorpio takes love as an intensely personal matter whereas Aquarius treats it as universal love. The two natives must come at a consensus to maintain a healthy romantic compatibility.

Scorpio will feel that Aquarius is indifferent and detached and their combination will not flourish. Astrologically speaking, all they have in common is their fixed perceptions that will work to bring them together. So well will be their mutual understanding that even if this twosome are not at talking term with each other, they’ll present a united front to the world. Their love expression is also diverse most of the times. While one would prefer to spend romantic moments in a cozy embrace, the other will like to go out and have a blast.