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Sagittarius places a good faith in hope and philosophies. But at the same time they question everything. That’s just their way to discover the truth. So they are truthful and honest as well. They are cheerful, always walking and talking. They are somewhat independent and love doing things their own way. They have a lot of casual friends and generally are tolerant of everyone and everything. A typical Aquarius is a packaged product of multiples personalities. They actually believe in originality and uniqueness. They have their own style of doing things and hate being pushed or pulled. They seldom reveal what they are up to and what would be their next move.

They are very tolerant and believe in once a friend always a friend policy. They are both nonsense and genius and mostly willing to live and let live. Both Sagittarius and Aquarius are essentially humanitarians, both easily persuaded to join causes that promote brotherhood and sisterhood. They both enjoy travel and adventure trips. They both like fun and parties and people. They both have their baskets full of friends. Neither could be called a loner. But the Sagittarius are more adaptable in their life styles than the Aquarius, who are more or less accustomed to their style and habit patterns, while advocating sweeping changes for the rest of the world. On the whole this is a very strong relationship with full potential of being a beautiful and long lasting one.