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There is a strong affinity between a Sagittarian and an Aquarian. Each makes a strong impact on the other alone when necessary. Both have an independent streak and need freedom. They will attract many people and share the resulting pleasure and reciprocal benefits. When these two get together they’ll teach each other the essentials of amour through their terrific thirst for knowledge. There’s almost nothing that won’t crop up in the conversations of this couple. Love will grow as these two discuss and debate from dawn to dusk. Sagittarius and Aquarius together are spell bound with the magic of friendship.

They will be presented with a lot of opportunities to quarrel and make-ups. While the Sagittarius occasionally can be rude, the Aquarius would never seem to mind it. Aquarius is always easy going but when their straightforward path is deliberately obstructed, they will become stubborn and rebellious. Their intellectual rapport will be ravishing and they can communicate with each other till the earth goes flat. That’ll give them a head start when they need to sort out any romantic wrinkles, because they’ll understand each other.