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In business, the partners will usually create a product or service for which there is a demand but not a lot of competition, discovering a so-called “hole in the market.” This pair is good not only at initiating ventures but at maintaining them, particularly in the area of reinvesting their profits. Life with an Aquarian will be dynamic, and never dull or routine. You’ll find yourselves spending hour upon hour deep in discussions — about everything from the environment to politics to conspiracy theories. You’ll entertain each other, and this will be the basis for a good, long-term friendship if nothing else. Sagittarius must remember that Aquarius is very idiosyncratic by nature and progressive in all their attitudes but this fortunately, does not worry the Sagittarius. Ad they are happy to let people have their own views.

But be prepared for some pretty abrupt and unexpected changes from Aquarius. Even though they are more methodical and prudent than you, there are times when they need a complete change of pace.