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There is a high potential for a long and happy partnership with this pair. Sagittarius is the adventurer and Aquarius is a carefree and non interfering person. In this relation when one chooses to lead, the other will happily follow. They both love life and are prepared to give most things a try. There are no holds barred in this union. Anything and everything is up for grabs. Sometimes there will be competition between the two but not for long and besides, it’s a healthy competition with lots of fun.

Life is rarely dull with this pair and their mutual admiration only adds to the pleasure of one another’s company. That’s not to say they have to cling to the other. Both signs love their independence and having it makes them a better person and the pairing even stronger when they do things together. The beauty of this union is that on the outside they appear to be happy because on the inside they are.