Marital CompatibilityMarital Compatibility

This could be a good combination for marriage. Aquarians have perfect empathy for Librans. They both love beauty, society, and people that are the vital ingredients of a successful marriage. There might be few misunderstanding because an Aquarius is unpredictable at times. He/she may seek seclusion and refuse to communicate. In such situation the best thing would be to leave them as it is and let them enjoy their solitude. If Libra doesn’t insist on explanations, the duo will soon revert to their lovable self. Both of these signs are naturally friendly people.

While Libra is best at communication Aquarius is very receptive towards a variety of situation. There may not be any major disagreements between this marriage but still Libra will need to understand the Aquarian unpredictability. While there are some aspects of their personalities that will irritate the other still they will find it easier than most signs to compromise. Libra is an impulsive lover and he/she will show Aquarius the joys of being spontaneous in this marriage. This will be a very good relationship just like a marriage made in heaven.