Romantic CompatibilityRomantic Compatibility

The natal charts of Gemini and Aquarius will be perfectly in match of each other, in terms of love and romance. The romantic temperament of Aquarius will suit the Gemini absolutely. During romantic encounters, Gemini will be much junior to the consent and capability of Aquarius. On an average, they will have an intimate and a cherished romantic love affair but sometimes they may lack the required intensity of passion. The flickering Gemini will at times exude negative vibes that might range from elusive ways to infidelity. They will have a pleasant time together and will to socialize as well as have a simultaneous romance. Physical attraction will be also quite intense between them.

They two will be fine romantic partners and with great camaraderie connection. The romantic compatibility will be wonderful and charming love feelings. The strength of this romantic connection will be the intimacy that they will share along with being wonderful communicators. The love couple of Gemini and Aquarius will spend long mushy hours sharing their adoring ideas and imaginings.