Emotional CompatibilityEmotional Compatibility

The emotional compatibility of Gemini and Aquarius combination will be admirable because of their identical and interesting qualities. Both the natives are going to be intelligent, insightful and amazing in their disposition. Both are going to share wonderful emotional chemistry towards each other’s penchant for multiplicity and new experiences.Both Gemini and Aquarius will rule unto themselves and nurture a freedom-loving attitude. They will share a proclivity for common emotions and feelings such as diversity, pleasure and logical extension. Gemini will be inclined towards Aquarius and her familial spirit.

The emotional chemistry between Gemini and Aquarius will be strong and both the natives will have a creative and great time together. They are going to have best of the time together in this relationship. They will be intellectually well matched and have many virtues in common. Along with many common nature traits, they also share their tendency to be adventurous and unpredictable in nature. When together, they’ll bring out the best in each other’s persona. Their emotional compatibility will be evident even when they are not going to be together. Next – Professional Compatibility