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The marital compatibility of Aries and Scorpio is promising if handled with care and concern. One thing is evident from their native chart that the duo makes a great marital combination. While the liveliness of Aries trickles with attraction for the emotionally charged Aquarian. The first time the two meet which each other, the sparks are bound to fly. They will certainly feel that they have known each other since a long time. But there are certain words of caution also. The Aries and Aquarius must learn to act mature and keep jealousy out of their relationship. Since Aries is extremely independent, Aquarius might feel lonely or forlorn sometimes. But surprisingly, both will be able to retain independent identities of theirs along with being together as a couple.

Both of them will enjoy laughing and joking together thus keeping bonded as ever. Aquarius will be rather captivated by initiatives taken by Aries to keep their marriage fresh and pepped up. On the other hand, Aquarius will keep the wild and adventures nature of Aries under check. He will try to streamline the wild outbursts of Aries into healthy pursuits. Both will help each other improve their relationship and develop the tactful art of marital harmony. And finally, nevertheless both are similar in their temperaments, neither one will compromise first.