Romantic Compatibility AstrologyRomantic Compatibility

Aries and Scorpio are surely romantic together. This is a combination of their ruling planets, Mars and Saturn, the heat of romance grows in intensity and gets further heightened gradually. These two planets, together, construct swift action, responses and great bonding. Both the natives will be direct in their approach, frank, and downright in the matters of heart. But Aries has certain weaknesses in comparison to an Aquarian. Aries will try various methods and devises to save his face in case of any romantic folly or goof up.

This relationship will also bring plenty of novel emotions.Their romantic compatibility will see that the Aries will be dominating over Aquarius. Both the natives must practice tact & understanding to make their love life bloom in a special way. The Aquarius being dreamer must be tactfully handled by Aries to keep his dreamy self motivated and inspired Aquarius should also keep a check on his tendency to be jealous and possessive lest he or she will project himself/herself as a selfish lover. Their romantic compatibility will primarily depend on their adjustment power and their true love towards each other.